The use of APT™ T3X as a topical intra nasal application can disrupt or neutralize viruses upon contact. By “painting” the nasal passages, this coating is another barrier to Reduce the Viral Load of Exposure. The attributes of APT™ T3X would also Decrease the infectivity of others from sneezing out potential viral particles and exposing others. All these benefits in addition to CDC guidelines of prevention.

Visit http://news.mit.edu/2020/researchers-cells-targeted-covid-19-0422 for more information.

The revolutionary efficacy is due to the proprietary formulation of the Advanced Penetration Technology™ with Tetracycline as the active pharmaceutical ingredient in this Over the Counter antibiotic formulation. It is the dual actions of the combination that delivers this unique anti-viral capability.

The company has known for years about the anti-viral capabilities based on anecdotal evidence. The antiviral capabilities of the platform was not part of our core business strategy or focus until the COVID-19 pandemic became a USA and world-wide crisis. The company felt it was our call to DUTY to validate the anti-viral capability of the formulation to help mitigate the Pandemic.

APT™ T3X is an FDA Registered, Over-the-Counter (non-prescription) ointment. This formulation is used in an off label manner as an intranasal application for prevention of COVID-19 and other viruses.

There are no known documented or reported side effects in over eight years of public use.

No. The product is an FDA registered over the counter medication.

APT™ T3X is a liquid formulation applied inside nasal passages by a Q-tip with 3-4 drops of the APT™ T3X on the tip. Basically painting the inside of the nasal channels and inside of nostrils. How many days’ worth of protection does one bottle of APT™ T3X provide? Each bottle has 110 drops of APT™ T3X formulation. Depending upon frequency of use—as a once daily application in the nasal passages, the bottle lasts approximately 14 days.

Yes, many impactful areas of healthcare are benefiting from this revolutionary formulation. The Advanced Penetration Technology™ dual action carrier/transport platform combined with various active ingredients significantly enhances the efficacy and outcomes of anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral and dermatology recovery formulations.

There are NO comparable products in the Consumer healthcare marketplace with the broad efficacy (and no side effects) in resolving bacterial, fungal and viral infections.

Yes. The product is safe for all ages. Patients suffering with the chronic Lyme disease may notice the high efficacy of this formulation in killing the bacteria associated with Lyme disease (Borrelia). The use of the product may cause a “Herx” type reaction.

“Herx” type reaction refers to an adverse response to toxins released by bacteria and fungus when they are killed by antibiotics and antifungal medications creating inflammation. Symptoms can include fever, chills, rigor, hypotension, headache, tachycardia, hyperventilation, vasodilation with flushing, myalgia (muscle pain), exacerbation of skin lesions and anxiety.

No drug interaction concerns have been noted or documented to date. Patients diagnosed with Lyme disease should be aware of a potential “Herx” reaction shortly after use.

Yes. The primary site of infections is through the nasal passages. There are other potential sites for infectivity in addition to the nasal passages. The mouth and eyes are potential sites.

The product does not prevent infections through the eyes. The primary site of infections is through the nasal passages. The APT™ T3X is an additional layer of protection, not a stand-alone solution. Following the CDC guidelines for COVID-19 prevention is always recommended.

Virology Research Services (VRS), London UK performed the validation test/studies. VRS is a consultancy and experimental service provider specializing in virus research. Michela Mazzon, PhD. is lead Virologist.

The anti-viral testing was performed over 2 months (May & June 2020) by Virology Research Services, London, UK. All definitive anti-viral assays were performed in triplicate. Visit virologyresearchservices.com for more information.

Excess demand for laboratory services (due to COVID) inside the USA did not meet the immediate testing requirements. Contact with Virology Research Services in the UK was referral based. VRS’s understanding of the importance and the need to know of the information opened the door and prioritized the tests/studies.

YES, LQS or laboratory quality standards are followed by all certified laboratory facilities in the UK.

Yes. Of the current APT™ T3X users to include first responders and healthcare workers, none have contracted the COVID-19 virus or have reported positive test result for COVID-19.

preventative. The customer base is increasing daily. These are at home and high-risk individuals, healthcare workers and first responders. All have been or are actively living and operating in environments of COVID-19 positive individuals and patients.

No. IRB based Clinical Trials have not and will not be performed. APT™ T3X user feedback around prevention of COVID-19 should be noted within the current use environments. The efficacy of the APT formulation against bacterial and fungal diseases has been well documented. Extrapolation of years of usage and testing the formulation in wound care and antifungal therapeutics supports the unique ability to penetrate (into and through keratin, eschars and deep into tissues). The APT formulation breaks through mature biofilms (fungal and bacterial). Data supports the formulation capability of delivering and maintaining the API within the local tissue environment for up to 24 hrs. The company is confident the use of APT™ T3X can deliver a protective barrier within the nasal passages to DECREASE the Viral Load of Exposure. This level of confidence is based on the confirmed ability of APT™ T3X to abolish infectivity, the preventative usage over the past 4 months by volunteers (no confirmed COVID illnesses or Positive test results) and no documented side effects in over 8 years of general public use of the APT formulation.

APT™ T3X is currently manufactured in FDA approved facilities in the USA.

Proprietary formulation composed of FDA approved inactive ingredients and the active pharmaceutical ingredient Tetracycline hydrochloride.

Supplies are routinely limited due to production demands. Manufacturing is scalable and in progress.

PFTH, LLC realizes the potential for this preventative medication. We are rapidly developing strategic partnerships in the USA to create a consistent flow of product availability. PFTH is evaluating the capabilities of various healthcare companies that can scale and position the product for a global pandemic need solution. PFTH is developing the capabilities to manufacture the key API (active pharmaceutical ingredient) for the APT™ T3X within the USA.


The product can currently be purchased only through this website, click here.

Initially there will be limited product availability. We are in process of developing scaling plans to meet the anticipated demand for the USA.

Yes. Many healthcare workers are using APT™ T3X as another daily prevention layer. No positive COVID test results or illnesses associated with COVID-19 have been reported.

Yes. Cuts, burns, acne, wound management (diabetic foot ulcers, venous ulcers and pressure wounds).


There is interest by Federal officials and ongoing discussions are in progress.