Instructions for Use


Apply prior to leaving residence and before going into any public spaces (grocery shopping, airports/planes, large crowds, restaurants, churches, etc.). Apply every 12 hours based on level of exposure risk.


Apply prior to leaving residence. Apply every 8-12 hours based on level of exposure risk.

Application Instructions

Step 1

Gently fluff the cotton tip of the Q-tip/applicator. This will allow better liquid drop retention.

Step 2

Apply 3-4 drops of APT™ T3X on the top of the cotton of the applicator.

Step 3

Insert the applicator (as far back as comfortable) inside the nose, into the lower and upper nasal channels. Go straight back into the lower nasal passage (horizontal along the base of the nose).

Step 4

Rotate the applicator in the nasal passage to paint the lining of the upper, middle, and lower nasal canals and passages.

Step 5

Gently massage the nose from the outside in a circular motion to further paint the nostrils while simultaneously breathing in deeply 3-4 times.

Step 6

Repeat application process if necessary to ensure proper area coverage.

See more APT™ T3X application videos here.